A Simply Convenient & Healthy Solution to a Universal Problem

SaniGirl Rotate Funnel

Females on the go will need a restroom

We try to avoid any contact with surfaces in public bathrooms and we try to avoid many other things when there is no WC around!
Sitting in public is usually not an option, and research advises that germs are rampant & squatting is bad for us.

Standing up using SaniGirl funnels is a healthier choice – a perfect practical solution to our continuous problem.
Simple, discreet, clean, easy to use, and disposable.
SaniGirl gives us peace of mind.

Where to use it... Everywhere.

Unsanitary public restrooms and nonexistent facilities are problems worldwide. Carry SaniGirl to be WORRY-FREE.


From road trips to airplanes … whether you are at your local gas station or in a foreign country, be ready for your adventure.

Night out

Night Out - restaurants and bars – you’re looking good – stay clean and germ free in these high use places.


Camping, hiking, skiing, boating & misc. No bathroom! With SaniGirl you’re not showing it all – stay discreet and dry.

Large Events

Concerts, festivals, tracks and stadiums – SaniGirl makes using a porta-potty 100% times better experience!


Military, police, and construction. Nurses and doctors for patients and specimens, athletes & other workers on-the-go.


At the mall, school, stores. Also pregnancy, seniors, hospitals, post-surgical, weak quad strength, wheelchairs, urinary conditions, STP and awkward places or clothing.

Our SaniGirl funnels from $7.49


SaniGirl fits anywhere!
They are flat and discreet.
Carry them in your pocket, bag, and car.
No bulky funnel.


Uniquely designed with the female body in mind.
The design details are stylish and efficient.
No backsplash, no overflow, no mess.


No need to put back in your bag after use!
No need to wash!
SaniGirl is clean and hygienic.
Simply use and dispose of in bin.


Made of top-grade paperboard and coated with a leak-proof barrier.
100% disposable.
100% recyclable.

Easy to Use

Pop open the funnel, firmly hold the wider end against skin & covering the area. Stand facing where you want to go, and let it flow.
When finished slide away.

Two Sizes

Women’s Size- Ages 12 and up.
Girl’s size– Ages 4 to 11.
My Little Helper is the only product on the market specifically designed for girls.

SaniGirl™ Funnels are the Healthy Way

Females have smaller bladders than males and that is why we need to pee more often!

Medical research confirms

Holding it in when we need to go is bad for us – It promotes urinary tract infections (UTI’s) which can lead to more serious infections.

Squatting or Hovering is bad for us – The pelvic floor muscles don’t relax so our bladder retains up to 30% inside which contributes to UTI’s, and having to go again sooner. Squatting also leads to backsplash which expels germs back at us.

Sitting would require disinfecting the bowl before use or trying to cover with paper

Germs and health contaminants on bathroom surfaces are everywhere. Norovirus, Shigella, Bird Flu, Influenza, Rhinovirus, Staph (MRSA), E.Coli, Hepatitis A, C. difficile, Herpes Simplex 2, Streptococci, necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria), and more. These last between a day to OVER two months on a toilet.

Every flush propels germs that end up on the seat.

Standing Up is the best choice when using a public bathroom or in nature. It is the only way to avoid any unwanted contact and also have no backsplash. SaniGirl is really comfortable to use, convenient, and hygienic.

Z100 and Duran talking about SaniGirl Funnels

Listen to Elvis Duran talking about SaniGirl Funnels.

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