Avoid germs with SaniGirl
Avoid germs with SaniGirl

Peeing in public is a problem

Let’s be honest, bathrooms away from home are gross!  We don’t sit on public toilet seats. Squatting/hovering is uncomfortable & bad for our health. Balancing and trying to stay dry, and unexposed outdoors is terrible.  We could go on, back-splash, holding it in, and more. Now relax & forget about all those things. We don’t have these problems anymore.

With SaniGirl you’re FREE to Go….

Simply use SaniGirl disposable pee funnels to comfortably, cleanly, and easily stand to pee anytime anywhere.


SaniGirl® funnels from $8.99


Choose yours

Choose your SaniGirl® package of 10, 15, 20 or 30 units.
Don’t forget SaniGirl MyLittleHelper® for your Girls ages 3+

Bathroom Solutions for Females All Ages and Sizes.

Bonus – for a limited time: Receive 2 FREE Funnels for practice with every order!

Disposable & Eco-Friendly

Patented female urination device design made for women by women. Top-grade paperboard with a water-proof coating.
100% disposable & Recyclable.

Compact & Clean

SaniGirl fits anywhere! They are flat, discreet, & always fresh, clean, and germ-Free. No bulky plastic funnel to carry around dirty, wash, and disinfect.

Reliable & Easy to Use

Leakproof, no overflow, no backflow.
Ready to pop open and easy to use pee funnel for women and girls.
Simple, no mess, works great.

Two Sizes

Women’s Size Female Urinal Ages 12+
Girl’s size for Ages 3+ is the only pee pee funnel on the market made especially for young girls.

Carry SaniGirl everywhere to be worry-free...

Public Restrooms

Don't sit, don't hover. Stand comfortably & avoid Germs 100%.



Stay clean, discreet, unexposed: Hiking, Biking, Running, Boating, Skiing.

Health Conditions

Pregnancy, Seniors, Post-surgical, urinary conditions, hospitals, doctors offices.



Road trips, Airplanes, Cruises, Trains, and every bathroom in between.


Festivals, Races, Stadiums, Concerts, Amusement Parks, Events, Parties, Tailgating.


Restaurants, Bars, Stores, Military, First Responders, Work, School, and around town.

Female Urination Devices are Revolutionizing...

Germs like Corona

COVID-19, and also Norovirus, Shigella, Bird Flu, Influenza, Rhinovirus, Staph (MRSA), E.Coli, Hepatitis A, C. difficile, Herpes Simplex 2, Streptococci, necrotizing fasciitis, etc.  These all last between a day to over two months on a toilet seat.

Squatting/Hovering & Other Crap

Squatting/hovering is bad for our pelvic floor & doesn't allow the bladder to empty fully which can contribute to UTI's & makes us have to pee again sooner. Toilet plume is real! Every flush propels germs onto the toilet seat. Paper seat covers do not provide protection.

Standing Up is a Healthy Way

Standing using a FUD doesn't put stress on our pelvic floor, we avoid contact with germs, contaminated surfaces, and other unwanted exposures: and standing allows our bladder to empty fully meaning less trips to pee!

SaniGirl® funnels from $8.99


Customers are excited - watch what they are saying...


Worth it especially if you have small children.

Excellent for this weird time. Very simple to use. Great product

Little M's Closet


Surprising easy to use! Very happy with the product.

Mindy K

You may need a practice session or two, but worth it!

The devices come in a nice package and fold thinly. They are easy to use, just practice at home beforehand.


No leaks

Perfect for camping! No leaks. Super easy to use.


A must for long car trips!

Perfect for long road trip! These act as a funnel allow gals to pee into a water bottle! I was able to use it seamlessly, and so was my 12 year old daughter. It's comfortable to use and easy to get the placement right. No gas station bathrooms for us!


Great idea!

I used this product 4 wheeling in the woods. It worked great! No more bare-assed squatting so less exposure to ticks. Gives me more control of where the stream goes too!



Muy cómodo para usarlo

Ofelia G

Easy to use

A lifesaver for traveling during this time.


Wonderful Product

Changed my girlfriend’s life. We just did a road trip out west and these came in handy for her when the bathroom situations were not great. Wonderful product. We highly recommend.


Easy to use

Super convenient to use. No leaks or spills. Slim enough to pack in your purse. Will definitely buy again


Discreto , lo mejor!!!

Fácil de usar, higiénico, fácil de cargar en tu bolsa , lo recomiendo

Olga Patricia

Good design

Got it on the first try. It helps if you crouch a little, place it, then stand. It puts the funnel closer to the source and thus, no mess or spill. Drag it forward to collect drops so there’s little need for a wipe. The opening at the bottom is large enough that you don’t have to stop and wait for drainage.They are not individually wrapped.

Mary L

Handy Little Device When Dressed Up

Got these to take the place of a homemade one I used. This is better. Very handy when you have undergarments that are a pain to take off when dressed up. Wore a one piece Spanx garment that had a hole. Wore pantyhose over that with a hole that I cut for access. Without this device, it’s easy to make a mess. Easy to carry in a tiny evening bag.



Got the job done and so easy to use. I would definitely recommend. I chose this one over the reusable ones because I like the idea of recycling them after use instead of having to carry it around until I got to a sink to clean it.


Great idea

Great solution to a problemThank you


Fast shipping. Glad I purchased this item.

Item is as described, glad this item is available. Shipping was fast.


Very convenient

Great option for when a restroom is unavailable and you don't want to "drop trou". Discreet, thin and easy to carry. Easy to use. Highly recommend.


I will never go back to using a public location without a SaniGirl – ever!

I have to be honest, I never knew anything like this existed until COVID started and I realized that even squatting would no longer be an option in a public location. It was actually my husband that suggested I should “google” and see if anything existed and to my surprise there are a number. SaniGirl caught my attention because of a how to video on YouTube – it looked like it would actually work, and because the shape looked like it would cover the places it needed to. And it DOES! Also, your instructions for use are spot on!! I will never go back to using a public location without a SaniGirl – ever! Thank you!!! Oh and just to clarify for those who think these aren’t suitable for the older women – trust me, they are, I’m one.


Sweet Freedom!

I had to use 4 in the first 2 hours of a camping trip. So that saved me 4 trips to a *vault* loo right off. Hilariously fun and ridiculously easy to use. My main tips are practice your AIM ladies mind your feet and pee downhill. Also be sure the top tent is up (or ^ shape) because if its down (or v shape) you will make a mess. Otherwise it was very clean. Absolutely recommend.

Leah R

Must have essential!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PRODUCT SOOOO MUCH!! First time using it today for my trip at the beach with NO bathrooms and let me tell you how many times I wish I was a boy , (peeing freely wherever & whenever) . This came in handy so much , definitely going to buy again when I run out! I was scared at first that it was going to drip or run through the sides but it’s so easy to use & mess free!! DEFINITELY recommend I’m going to tell all my ladies about this one!!

Evelyn p


Love love love these things! Great for camping, biking, porta-potties, yucky public bathrooms etc!!


Great product!

Love these! Perfect and convenient for a hike and anywhere else you go. Definitely recommend! ?


Super easy to use

No brainer, just open up and go, so simple to use!

Michelle M

Lifesavers !

Best thing I never knew I needed !! Doesn’t leak even when you have a full bladder! Quick and convenient! A LIFE SAVER - when on a road trip recently we stopped at a port of potty and THANK THE STARS I had them on me and therefore didn’t need to sit or touch anything in there. Also perfect for off-roading - definitely saves time and hassle of finding the “perfect angle to squat at - you just whip this out and done ! They are sturdy, easy to use, and wide enough to cover your whole area . Will definitely buy again !

Gray wolf

Most amazing invention ever!

Get this now! Once you try it, you will never be without them again! So awesome!


Soooo convenient

Great for camping. Or hiking. Stay clean at any gas station restroom


Life changing

I dont travel often but when I do or I know I'm gonna be in public long, I take these with me. Easy to use. Practice at home if you afraid you'll pee yourself. But it's amazing how easy it is. And way better then the alternatives. . .


Best thing since sliced bread

When traveling and using gas station restrooms these are the best. You can carry these in a purse, pocket or in your bra. No one knows.You stand up like a guy and pee in the toilet. Then when finished you throw in the trash. So easy. It’s been great during the pandemic!


It’s a good thing!

I like that they are sturdy and disposable. They are essential for avoiding messy toilets (and lack of toilets) while traveling. I also found them to be helpful when wearing a body shaper as the opening of my shaper are awkward to keep apart. I can easily put this in place through the opening-no need to strip down anymore!

B. Christensen

A Must-Have for Road Trips During Covid

I purchased these in preparation for road trips I needed to take this fall. I hate using disgusting rest stop bathrooms normally, but with the risk of Covid exposure, using public restrooms just wasn’t an option anymore. These work incredibly well and I can’t believe how much they reduce my stress and anxiety when traveling. I’ll be keeping stock of these in my car going forward!


amazing great product for female

It works and easy to use. I could stand to pee first try without any difficulties. That's fast and clean, very good for outing and travel. Superb products for female. Highly recommend...


Easy pee-sy

I’m a big boy now! Where have these been my entire life? Easy peasy. Recommended.


Easy to use

So easy to use! Came in shrink wrapped box. Worth every penny now that we have the COVID infestatuon.I put one in a brown paper bag every time I have to go and dispose of it also in my brown bag! Thank you, Sani girl!


Easy to use.

So easy to use, and love that it's disposable. Great for the outdoors and also for those occasionally nasty gas station bathrooms that you'd rather not sit in.

B. R.

Should be included in our operating manual!

So simple!

Camille M