Finding the perfect gift is always a challenge, but it’s especially tough this year. While you might not be traveling too far for the holidays this year, travel is still on everyone’s minds. Get the female travelers in your life ready for new adventures when the world is back to normal with this travel gadget gift guide.


  1. Portable Sunglasses Organizer – Do you have a friend who brings a different pair of sunglasses for every day of the girls trip? We all have one – and this is the gift for her. Chic, saves space, and is super practical to carry along on her next trip.
  2. Solid Shampoo Bars– These are not only a must have for travel, they are a great sustainable option! Ditch the plastic and save space in your carry-on, and the planet. These no liquid shampoos are great for the female traveler who wants to pack light, loves trying new beauty trends, or is trying to be more environmentally conscious.
  3. SaniGirl Funnel  – The perfect secret weapon for all female travelers, outdoor adventurers, and everyday around town too! We all have to go… so avoid the germy public toilet seats and stay discreet and comfortable outdoors too. The SaniGirl female urination device gives you peace of mind to never worry about the bathrooms again!
  4. Travel Lounge Set – 2020 is definitely the year of the lounge set. Get her a set she’ll want to wear in public. A cute lounge set takes her from binge watching Emily in Paris to her next flight to Paris – and she’ll always be cozy.
  5. Skin Care Set – How many times do you run out to Target the night before a trip to buy last minute travel sized face wash, kicking yourself for not having some on hand? Do the prep work for your friends this year and buy them some TSA approved skincare favorites for their next trip.
  6. Homesick CandleThere are so many of us who aren’t going home for the holidays, so why not give the women in your life a taste of home this year. Homesick Candles makes a scent for each of the 50 states, so your girls won’t feel so far from home. This also makes for a great gift for those that want to travel from the living room this year and see the states by scent!
  7. Packing Cubes They help us sort, organize, and find everything in a flash – key for female travelers! You can actually fit more clothes in the cubes, and they are great for keeping everything neat in one place. Another big advantage is no need to unpack everything on the road, saving lots of time!
Gift Guide Female Traveler Brown Portable Sunglass Holder
Gift Guide Female Traveler Lush Shampoo Bar Travel
The perfect female travel companion
Gift Guide Female Travelers Lounge Wear
Gift Guide Female Traveler Beige Travel Packing Cubes
Gift Guide Female Traveler Travel Scents

While COVID-19 is putting many vacation travel plans on hold, we can always look forward to future travel and get ready while we wait! These gifts will make female travelers smile, whether she is road tripping this season, or planning her next globetrotting adventure, these gift guide items will be at the top of her packing list!

And don’t forget, we’ve got you covered! Grab a pack of SaniGirl today and you’re FREE to Go … near or far away…

Share your comments below and let us know the best Travel Gift you have received!

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