Coachella, the festival that attracts the eyes of the world.

Want to look & feel your best? 

Here are some beautiful feeds and inspiration with links to Instagram, Pinterest & festival shops online to grab the items and tips you need for fashion, style looks, accessories, and girl gear. These are filled with great ideas on how to look & feel your best at Coachella!

Check Out these accounts on Instagram for Inspiration:

10. @sincerelyjules

9. @shestyledwhat

8. @sightsoundsteph

7. @bohofestivals

6. Coachella Pins

Coachella Pee Funnel SaniGirl

5. R.Daniels Pins Coachella

It’s not just about the look,  you can’t have an amazing experience if you don’t feel great!  so… PLAN.. to feel your best!

Plan clothing for the weather – hot days and cooler nights, comfy shoes, shades, bandana, your bag & personal care items. The combo of hot, sunny, & crowds of people is something to anticipate when thinking of little items to take to stay  feeling fresh, clean, and carrying a good vibe! Wipes, sanitizer, sun / wind protection, and SaniGirl are a few of these items to take.

SaniGirl allows women to pee while standing & totally avoid any contact with germs, surfaces, backsplash, and the gross or uneasy feeling we get just using bathrooms at festivals.

Stay happy and don’t kill your vibe even when faced with crowded, hot, and unpleasant bathrooms. It is clean, discreet, simple, disposable & easy to use. It’s also convenient, portable, eco-friendly & fits anywhere.




Don't forgetSaniGirl

Avoid germs with SaniGirl

Replaces the EW! With Aah!! In the bathroom.
The product that keeps you clean and healthy away from home.

SaniGirl sanitary pee funnels give women total peace of mind on the go. It is #1 personal care item to take to music festivals… Just stand at ease. No more germs, squatting, dirty clothes, backsplash,  or worry about unsanitary & unwanted exposure.

Stay clean — be happy — use SaniGirl®

Clean. Compact. Disposable. Easy to use. Eco-Friendly.


Start the new edition of Coachella, held since 1999 in the city of Indio (California), the festival that attracts the attention of the whole world, is now at their 20th Anniversary!

Once again, the festival arrives with an unbeatable poster headed by Childish Gambino, one of the most acclaimed artists of the moment, and Ariana Grande, whose album Sweetener topped the US and UK chart in September, and if these names do not convince you, don’t worry! there are many more and for all tastes!

Many of this years performances are also streaming LIVE on Coachella’s YouTube Channel  To not miss a BEAT?

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