5 Reasons You Should Never Sit On a Public Toilet Seat – Navigating the Public Restroom amidst COVID-19.

With more and more states opening up every day, it’s hard not to think about what the ‘new normal’ will be post COVID-19 crisis.

I for one miss seeing my friends and leaving my house for non-essentials dearly (especially my nail lady!). I know I’m not alone in being apprehensive about going out in public. While grocery stores, hair salons, and restaurants are a hot topic right now, there’s one public area being glossed over – public bathrooms.

Public bathrooms have never been anyone’s favorite, whether it’s a music festival porta-potty or the bathrooms at your favorite restaurant. No matter how clean it looks, there’s always a certain ick factor you just can’t shake about the public toilet seat. Especially after COVID-19, that gross feeling isn’t just you being overly cautious.

There are TONS of reasons why you shouldn’t sit on a toilet seat, but here’s just a few:

  1. Germs – They’re everywhere. Whether there’s a national pandemic, its flu season, or just a normal day, germs, bacteria, and viruses are always going to be on that toilet seat. Everything from coronavirus, norovirus, or even STDs can be lingering on a public toilet seat. Bacteria can survive on surfaces for days or even weeks. Studies have shown that MRSA can live on public toilet seats for up to two months!
  2. Toilet seat covers are NOT protecting you – According to health experts, toilet seat covers might make you feel better, but they aren’t actually protecting you from the germs we just talked about. Germs easily pass through the porous paper, and end up on your body like they would without a cover.
  3. That wet feeling – The one thing a toilet seat cover may protect you from is accidentally sitting on a wet toilet seat. Whether it’s someone else’s urine or toilet water spray, it is hands down one of the worst feelings. Bacteria also thrives in moist environments, meaning plenty of things that could make you sick are lingering on that wet toilet seat. Even if you wipe it down before sitting, there is mostly likely still harmful bacteria left behind. The act of wiping off someone else’s urine is so cringeworthy.
  4. Backsplash – Not only can you sit in wetness, there’s also that dreaded backsplash when you’re using the bathroom. That splash is enough to send chills up anyone’s spine. Not only does it feel downright dirty, it also is not great for you. E coli is often found in the backsplash of public toilets, and the bacteria is one of the most common causes of UTIs.
  5. Squatting sucks – Sure, you don’t technically have to sit on a public toilet seat, but squatting over one is not the best alternative. Not only is this hovering not great on your knees, the pressure you put on your pelvic muscles doesn’t allow your bladder to empty fully. Hovering doesn’t empty your bladder fully which makes you to pee again sooner and it leads to UTIs. After all that, you still could get hit by splash back, so you aren’t super protected from the germs. But, more importantly, going to the bathroom should not feel like a workout. And if we’re all being honest, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to squat after my severe lack of physical activity in quarantine.
Right now you’re probably thinking “How am I ever supposed to go to the bathroom outside of my home then?”.

Everyday Girl

You could refuse to use public bathrooms ever again, but that’s not very logical or feasible.

Sometimes a girl’s gotta go. You could bring gloves and lysol wipes to clean the toilet seat, but that’s not really your responsibility. Cleaning the seat still doesn’t protect you from backsplash or an auto-flushing toilet. Luckily, we do have a germ-free no-mess solution that protects you, your knees, and your sanity. When you use SaniGirl Sanitary Pee Funnels, you’ll never touch another disgusting toilet seat again. Women and young girls can safely and comfortably stand to pee. SaniGirl funnels are practical to carry and can be discreetly put in your bag or pocket. Best of all SaniGirl are easily disposable after you’re done using the bathroom.

Using SaniGirl helps protect you to stay clean, healthy, and worry-free from the dangers of public bathrooms. They are a perfect way to get back to normal post-pandemic! 

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