How to use SaniGirl®

Try It Now!

Although it is easy to use, we recommend you practice it first at home a few times. Doing this will get you comfortable & in the habit fast!

The secret to success is to COVER the area and create a SEAL.

Don’t Squat – You stand. YES! It is going to be a different sensation – we guarantee it! It doesn’t seem possible that it will work standing. Trust that it does! Woohoo!

  1. POP Open the funnel.
  2. Place the wider end of the funnel snug against the skin  and back far enough to completely cover the area that pee flows from. Hips slightly forward. Feet about hip width apart. Relax!
  3. Let it flow! Wait until you are all done, slightly jiggle. Slide it forward along skin to remove any remaining drop.
  4. Place in bin. Product is not flushable. Product is 100% Recyclable.

AWESOME!! Now Let’s Go! Our Adventures are waiting! Don’t forget to share yours with us!

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