We all start out so strong in January, but by the time February rolls around our New Year’s Resolutions are often long gone. Here are some tips, products, and free resources to keep yourself accountable and become the best version of you in 2021.

Everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions look a little different, but with a brand new year comes a chance to improve our health, happiness, and overall life.

If your New Year’s Resolution is…

  1. To Get Organized – Get a daily planner! Year long agenda’s aren’t cutting it – setting time for yourself daily to organize your thoughts and to-dos makes you feel so much more productive. Ivory Paper, Papier, and even Target have some great options!
  2. To Get Active – Getting and staying active is harder than ever when many gyms are closed. No worries, at home work outs have never been more creative! There’s no need for an at home gym or expensive machine. You can try your hand at Barre, Yoga, or even once of these super fun dance workouts!
  3. To Be More Eco-Conscious – Living a sustainable lifestyle is something a lot of us think about, but can be so hard to achieve! First start small by changing up a few products in your life that can help you cut out waste. Whether it’s swapping out Starbucks for a reusable cup, ditching shampoo bottles, or switching over to sustainable beauty brands – every change counts. For instance, just try changing one product a month for the rest of the year!
  4. To Travel More – This could be a tough one for a while this year, but there are ways to travel from home until we can get back out there! Take an online tour of the Louvre, Machu Picchu, or even Mt. Fuji! There are also so many ways to travel safely, whether it’s finally doing the road trip you always dreamed about, or becoming a tourist in your own city!
  5. To Take Care of Yourself– Taking care of yourself doesn’t always have to mean splurging on yourself. Sure, retail therapy and spa days are great, but after the past year we’ve all learned that taking care of ourselves should be a daily activity. For some, daily meditation works wonders, for others me time includes a good book. Take a walk, take a bath, or take some time to learn a new recipe – just try to do something for yourself every day.

We all need a little help in staying on top of our New Year’s Resolutions and goals, so don’t let your personal goals pass you by! Share this, and recruit a buddy to join you on your journey to a better you! Make sure to check in month to month to keep yourself on track. Happy New Year and cheers to a happier and healthier you in 2021!

And don’t forget, we’ve got you covered in 2021! Grab a pack of SaniGirl today and you’re FREE to Go … near or far away…

Share your comments below and let us know your goals for the new year or tips to stay on track!

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