Gone are the days of a phone, wallet, keys check before you leave the house. In the world of the ‘new normal’ you’ll need to pack a few more items in your purse to be prepared and protected against COVID-19. Here’s what should be in your bag when you head back out there: 

  1. A Mask – The most obvious on this list, but one I always find myself forgetting and having to run back into the house for. While they are required in most states to be able to enter stores, restaurants, and public areas, they are also the most proven way to prevent you from contracting COVID-19 if worn correctly. Whether you wear something basic you bought in bulk, or coordinate them with your outfits, you should always have a clean mask on hand!

  2. Hand Sanitizer – We know you already know this, but washing your hands is the best way to stop the transfer of germs, and there won’t always be soap and water available when you’re out. Sanitizing your hands when you leave a public area and refraining from touching your face can help stop the spread of disease. Make sure to always slip a travel sized bottle in your purse before you leave!

  3. Wet Wipes – While you’re cleaning your hands, you’ll also want to clean the surfaces you touch. That means your phone, your seat on public transport, your table at a restaurant, or anything in between. You’ll want to bring wipes made with alcohol so they properly sanitize, so makeup wipes and baby wipes won’t really do the job against COVID-19.

  4. SaniGirl Urination Funnel – While we’re all excited to be able to go out to eat or head to the beach, public places come with the dreaded public restrooms. Nobody likes sitting on a public toilet seat, never mind during a pandemic. You can read all about the dangers of public bathrooms here, but the SaniGirl urination device allows you to use the restroom standing up, so you never have to touch a toilet seat again. It’s perfect for restaurants, porta potties, and beach bathrooms, and the folded cone fits easily and discreetly in your bag. 

  5. Blotting Sheets – I don’t know about you, but when I wear my mask I SWEAT underneath. By the time I make it to my destination, half of my makeup has come off and my entire face is hot. Blot away some of that sweat with blotting wipes, and invest in a good setting spray to keep your makeup off of your mask. 

Navigating the ‘new normal’ is challenging for us all, and it can be hard to feel truly prepared. While we all miss getting cocktails with friends and feeling comfortable at the grocery store, there is some uncertainty and even anxiety that comes along with heading back out into the world after spending so much time at home. We at SaniGirl strive to make life easier for women, and not just during a pandemic. 

If you’re a frequent traveler, love music festivals, or just hate sitting on a toilet seat, the SaniGirl Urination device is the perfect addition to your slightly cluttered purse. The foldable funnels fit into even the smallest of bags, and are meant to be thrown away or recycled after a single use, making it sanitary and convenient.

Carrying SaniGirl let’s you go where you want to go and never worry about a bathroom again! Clean. Reliable. Easy to Use. Germ-Protection. Learn more about the SaniGirl Funnel here,  watch a video about how it works, and make a purchase here!

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