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SaniGirl My Little Helper® is the only urination device made for younger girls. Cute pink princess design. Three packs of 10 units. Practical and easy to use.

Product & packaging are disposable, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.  Portable and convenient to carry.

Always have a clean & safe way to go with you.


My Little Helper Pee Funnel for Girls Ages 3+

Pee Pee Funnel for girls. Disposable. Clean. Practical. Easy to Use.

Features: Specially designed for a younger girls body. The only product in the market designed & made especially for a younger Girls body.

  • My Little Helper disposable sanitary funnels (aka peepee Funnels) for Girls ages 3+
  • Stylish & cute princess design. 3 convenient travel packs of 10 funnels each. Ready to pop open and use.
  • Quality paperboard – water repellent & leakproof. No mess. Easy to use. Disposable & Recyclable.
  • Compact and can easily fold & fit in pocket. Flat & discreet. Fits anywhere. No bulky funnel.
  • Fresh and clean each time. No need to disinfect and reuse. Disposable – Recyclable – Eco-Friendly.
  • The product is made of top-grade industrial composite paperboard which is coated inside and out with a leak-proof barrier to ensure a secure and waterproof construction.

Girls love their special design.

Purchase the 3 pack bundle (30 units) and save.
Size: Pack dims: 7”L x 4”H x 3/8” thick (18 ¾ cm L x 10 cm H x 1cm thick).
Each MLH funnel is approx. 7″”L x 4 ”w (17cm L x 11cm w) and is the thickness of a card.
Each unit is packed ready to just pop open, fold the flaps down and use.

How to Use: Assist younger girls by moving clothes out of the way standing feet about hip width apart; hold funnel in place snug against the skin and covering the area from which urine flows. Girls comfortably stand at ease and go! When finished slide forward along skin to catch any remaining drop, this reduces the need for toilet paper. Help younger girls as needed, older girls quickly learn to use alone.

Always have a Safe & Sanitary bathroom solution with you.

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Weight.69 lbs
Dimensions7 × 1.5 × 4 in

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