My Little Helper®

is the only pee pee funnel available on the market for young girls. We can now help keep our girls safe and unexposed in public restrooms and nature anytime away from home!  My Little Helper is compact, disposable, and works great! Girls love their special princess style design. It comes in a discreet reclosable purse/bag pack of 10, and they are ready to just pop open and use. Both the product and the packaging are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. This is a TOP of your your list personal care product!. Clean, portable, comfortable, discreet, easy to use, & convenient!

My Little Helper is recommended for younger girls potty trained thru the tween years.

Product Description

What is My Little Helper?

A girl’s new BFF personal care accessory.

✔ Ergonomic

My Little Helper (MLH) is our younger girls design and it is the only urination device on the market today specially designed for young girls. It is both comfortable and reliable & we recommend it for girls potty trained up thru the tween years. Our unique design allows it to fit snug against the skin covering the area which prevents overflow, backsplash, and leakage.

✔ Back Saver & Freak Out Saver for Parents and Kids!

We no longer have to say “Don’t touch anything”! It’s NO fun to try to clean a public toilet seat, hold kids above the seat or the ground, or blanket the seat in paper. We worry about: getting clothes dirty, auto flushing toilets that send everything at you, and let’s not forget the horror of using a portapotty! Use My Little Helper® and all of these worries and exposures seem to disappear while we feel clean, neat, and germ-free everytime.

✔ Hygienic and disposable

My Little Helper® has a satiny feel on the outside and a waterproof coating on the inside which allows the top grade industrial paperboard material to remain wateproof. The funnel is sturdy & can be re-used as it will not lose shape or fall apart after one use. Eventhough they can be re-used, they are really designed to be practical & convenient and be new, fresh, and clean each time. Our product is not flushable but is disposable,  recyclable, and eco-friendly.

✔ Compact and Practical to carry.

My Little Helper® arrives packaged flat and is about the thickness of a card. It can easily fit in a pocket likewise can be folded in half, and later unfolded for use. It’s a convenient accessory that fits anywhere and is discreet to carry and have on hand in your car, bags, pocket, etc… Eventhough it is very compact don’t let that fool you! It works fantastic! Being compact and disposable and more importantly working great, makes SaniGirl the top FUD for being clean, portable, discreet, & convenient!

✔ Simple & Easy to Use. 

It is quick and easy to just POP it Open! Parents should assist younger girls by holding it in place back far enough to cover the area that pee flows from and snug against the skin to create a seal with the funnel and the skin covering the area. Younger children will need assistance however older girls quickly get the hang of it to use unassisted.

How to Use

Try it now! We are not kidding! Although it is easy to use, we definitely recommend you try it at home right away. Take one and use it a few times in your own bathroom. You will get comfortable & in the habit fast!

  • The secret to success is really just knowing that you have to create a seal and cover the area.
  • Stand – Don’t squat. YES! It is going to be a different sensation – for sure! It doesn’t seem possible that it will work standing.

Trust that it does! Woohoo! AWESOME!! Now take us with you everywhere!

Girls love their special version.

Product and Packaging Sizes

My Little Helper® (MLH) comes in a cute reclosable princess style pack.
Each 10 count pack dims are: 7”L x 4”H x 3/8”thick (18 ¾ cm L x 10 cm H x 1cm thick).
Each MLH funnel is approx. 6 3/4”L x 4 ”w (17cm L x 11cm w) and is the thickness of a card.
Funnel is easily folded in half when needed for smaller pockets.
Each unit is packed ready to just pop open to make the funnel shape and use.

Additional Information
Weight 0.134375 lbs
Dimensions 7 x 0.375 x 4 in