SaniGirl for women & My Little Helper for girls. Two different designs for two different bodies. Both come in sleek reclosable packs of 10. Each unit is packed ready to pop open & use. Both the product and packaging are eco-friendly & 100% recyclable.

Stylish design, super compact, easy to use, & works great. With a combo pack all can stay clean and worry free on the go!

Product Description

SaniGirl® for Women. My Little Helper® for younger girls. Combo Pack.    

We are a new generation of female urination devices, also known as AWESOME pee funnels, made for life on the go.

SaniGirl® is for women ages 12+. My Little Helper® is recommended for girls ages 3-11.

Product Materials

  • Product is made of top-grade industrial composite paperboard which is factory coated with a leak-proof barrier.
  • The coating ensures a secure and water resistant construction on the inside, and give it a nice satiny feel on the outside.
  • Products are about the thickness of a greeting card.
  • Funnels are durable enough and can be reused, although we really design for the practical convenience of being portable & disposable.
  • They can fold to fit in pockets, and unfold for use without losing shape.
  • Our products are 100% recyclable, and eco-friendly.


  • Our design is ergonomic, modern, fresh, and clean.
  • Both packs have their own unique design & shape.
  • My Little Helper is the only sanitary pee pee funnel on the market today made especially for a younger girls body.
  • Products are comfortable and easy to use.
  • Both products are leakproof and will not backflow or overflow.


  • Each pack comes in a portable re-closable purse/bag pack of 10 units.
  • SaniGirl® and My Little Helper® are packed flat and are therefore very compact.
  • They are ready to quickly pop open and use.
    • The pack is made of top-grade paperboard material.
  • We factory shrink wrap for a tamper resistant personal care product.
  • Product packaging is 100% Recyclable.

Additional Information
Weight 0.2875 lbs
Dimensions 7.75 x 0.375 x 4.625 in
Packaging and Product Dimensions

The 10 pack SaniGirl dimensions are: (7 1/4″H x 4 1/2W ” x 3/8” Thick  = 18 ½ cm L x 11.5 cm h x 1 cm thick)Each funnel is approximately: (7”L x 4 3/8”w  = 17cm L x 11w) and is the thickness of a card.

The 10 pack My Little Helper dimensions are: (7”L x 4”H x 3/8”Thick  = 18 ¾ cm L x 10 cm H x 1cm thick). Each MLH funnel is approximately: (6 3/4”L x 4 ”w = 17cm L x 11cm w) and is the thickness of a card.
Both products are packed for portable convenience ready to just pop open and use.