SaniGirl FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

SaniGirl FAQ of most frequently asked questions.

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A new essential in feminine hygiene & personal care products! SaniGirl® (for women) & My Little Helper® (for younger girls) are accessories that allow women/girls to pee while standing, also known as sanitary funnels, pee cups, urination devices, female urinals, FUD, STP Device, and pee funnels.

Our eco-friendly disposable urinals revolutionize the bathroom away from home for women and girls on the go, no more sitting on unsanitary toilets, squatting/hovering, holding it in. They are easy to use, discreet, and neat. Simply stand and go.

Worry-free peace of mind and freedom to go where you want to go and never worry about a bathroom again!

SaniGirl® funnels are designed to be THE most practical, convenient, compact, clean, discreet, simple, and easy to use pee funnels on the market. For maximum practicality, convenience, and cleanliness SaniGirl® products are designed for single use. Yes, they can be re-used. They are made of top-quality industrial composite paperboard with a waterproof coating. They will not lose their shape or fall apart after one use. Cusstomer’s talk about re-using it while they are camping, hiking, etc. We believe that in most situations it most convenient, practical, and hygienic to use once and discard in bin.

Yes, SaniGirl® and My Little Helper® are 100% recyclable.

No, once used simply dispose of them in the recycle bin, trash, or the blue water of a portapotty.

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However we do try our best to ship same day for orders placed before 12pm (EST M-F).

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Yes we can ship internationally and depending on the order size/location we may be able to include a shipping discount for you.

Visit our contact us section on and give us your order details.

If you should not be happy with the product, simply return the pack with the unused product inside along with your name, address and email address within 30 days of purchase and we will proceed to process a refund of the product cost. We will also notify you via email confirming the refund.

YES – YES – and YES… squatting/hovering is bad for women. Germs and health contaminants are rampant on toilets. Standing to pee using a female urinary device is a healthy way.


We suggest using first at home at your toilet or in the shower to get comfortable and in the habit fast.  Using at home first a couple times will help you get the positioning down and give you confidence quickly in this new upright position;-)

In just a few uses you’ll become an expert and never want to sit or squat again! YES – It is a different sensation! We are so used to sitting/hovering/squatting that it almost doesn’t feel possible that it will work standing! Trust that it does!

The key to success is really just knowing the correct placement. Place the wider end of the funnel back far enough to cover the area that pee flows from and hold snug against the skin. You create a seal with the funnel and your skin covering the area. Then… Let it flow!

When finished, slightly jiggle without removing yet, then slide it forward along the skin to remove any remaining drop. This reduces the need for toilet paper or wipes.

We also have instructions and videos on our website (How to Use page at

SaniGirl® is recommended for all shapes, sizes, and ages 12 and up.
My Little Helper® is specially designed for girls ages 3+, and is the only product on the market today, specifically made for younger girls.

SaniGirl® and My Little Helper® for Girls have a unique ergonomic design that prevents leakage, overflow, splashing and backflow. The products have a nice satin feel, are water resistant, and are small, compact and discreet. The quality is TOP – they will not arrive unglued, fall apart, or crumple in-use. The design allows it to fit nicely against the skin creating a much better seal than other designs. Our patented designs are made for women by women.

Depending on the age of your child you may need to help them to use it the first couple of times. Not because it is difficult for them to use, but from testing we have learned that they think it is really cool and mid-stream may try to turn it up to look at it or try to do fancy spins with it.

Once you help them and tell them to cover the area and keep it in place until finished kids really learn fast! Help as needed the first couple of tries and then they will be confident and want to stand and do it on their own! For more info l see above and our website How to Use page at

You can purchase them right on our website ! Ordering is super easy and secure, we process through secure 3rd party processors such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, so no credit card information is stored on our site.

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Also domestic US shipping is FREE on our website for orders $25+. Simply choose the free shipping option in the cart for this to apply.

Our 3 pack is the most economical and best option.  It really is a product to stash eveywhere and always have on hand! It’s so convenient and gives you peace of mind to know that you have them when you need them. – And US shipping is FREE for 3 packs or more!

SaniGirl products are sustainable. Products are made from paperboard. They are 100% recyclable. SaniGirl® disposable products have a lower carbon footprint than the non-recyclable plastic/silicone funnels. Plastic and silicon urination devices are not eco-friendly or sustainable. Most are also not recyclable.

Our Contact us section on our website is the best place to get reach us. Simple fill out the contact form and someone will be in touch with you shortly.

The best way to contact us is thru the contact us page of our website, simply fill in your name, email, and message and we will reply ASAP – or call us Toll Free at 855-LUV-SANI (588-7264)

Depending on what you are wearing and the fit, you can slide bathing suits, rompers, shorts and underwear to one side, skirts and dresses can come up in the front, etc. Jeans and shorts will need to come down far enough to uncover the area. Clothes can stay MUCH more in tact than squatting, and no messy clothes!

No, pants / shorts do not need to come all the way down. You simply pull them down just far enough to uncover the area and cover it with the product to form a seal with the funnel to  the skin. It will depend on the fit of the garment, some can be pulled to one side, while tighter fitting jeans will need to come down to mid or lower bum to uncover the area to place the funnel.

No. SaniGirl®, & My Little Helper® female urination device are not pee collectors or absorbent material. OUr pee funnels are made for urine to flow freely out of the funnel in the direction that you point – into the toilet – onto the grass, etc.