I will never go back to using a public location without a SaniGirl – ever!

I have to be honest, I never knew anything like this existed until COVID started and I realized that even squatting would no longer be an option in a public location. It was actually my husband that suggested I should “google” and see if anything existed and to my surprise there are a number. SaniGirl caught my attention because of a how to video on YouTube – it looked like it would actually work, and because the shape looked like it would cover the places it needed to. And it DOES! Also, your instructions for use are spot on!! I will never go back to using a public location without a SaniGirl – ever! Thank you!!! Oh and just to clarify for those who think these aren’t suitable for the older women – trust me, they are, I’m one.

Very convenient

Great option for when a restroom is unavailable and you don't want to "drop trou". Discreet, thin and easy to carry. Easy to use. Highly recommend.

Fast shipping. Glad I purchased this item.

Item is as described, glad this item is available. Shipping was fast.

Great idea

Great solution to a problemThank you


Got the job done and so easy to use. I would definitely recommend. I chose this one over the reusable ones because I like the idea of recycling them after use instead of having to carry it around until I got to a sink to clean it.

Handy Little Device When Dressed Up

Got these to take the place of a homemade one I used. This is better. Very handy when you have undergarments that are a pain to take off when dressed up. Wore a one piece Spanx garment that had a hole. Wore pantyhose over that with a hole that I cut for access. Without this device, it’s easy to make a mess. Easy to carry in a tiny evening bag.

Good design

Got it on the first try. It helps if you crouch a little, place it, then stand. It puts the funnel closer to the source and thus, no mess or spill. Drag it forward to collect drops so there’s little need for a wipe. The opening at the bottom is large enough that you don’t have to stop and wait for drainage.They are not individually wrapped.

Discreto , lo mejor!!!

Fácil de usar, higiénico, fácil de cargar en tu bolsa , lo recomiendo

Worth it especially if you have small children.

Excellent for this weird time. Very simple to use. Great product

Wonderful Product

Changed my girlfriend’s life. We just did a road trip out west and these came in handy for her when the bathroom situations were not great. Wonderful product. We highly recommend.